Looking For Ways To Get Rich?

Who does not want to get rich? After all, money has the power to solve most of our problems in life. We all are finding new ways to get rich.

When you get rich, people respect you a lot more and want to be friends with you. You can buy almost everything which makes you happy.

Those who say that “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” are the often ones who are not able to earn money. That is the harsh truth which nobody tells you!

If you are finding the ways to get rich, then do the same things which rich people do. Like they say ” When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do! ”

All rich people have these things in common which are making them successful:


Robert reaches his office every day at 8:00 AM sharp for work. He works hard all day and gets back home in the evening. At the end of the month, Robert gets $5000 for his contribution towards the company.

Working for someone else means you are dedicating your time and energy to help some achieve their goals and get rich.

If someone is paying you 5000 dollars a month, it means you are earning 15k for them.

In simple language, if you can make 15 grand for someone else, then you have enough potential to earn the same amount by doing a business on your own.

You know that you have the capability, but there is a lack of motivation and courage which is stopping you from going for it.

Working for yourself is one of the most important ways to get rich.

“Start a business for yourself. Work strategically hard on it and you will definitely be successful”

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Christine has great music skills, plays the guitar and sings really well. She’s got amazing talent but instead of being in the music industry, she works as an HR manager.

How will a person like this ever progress? You cannot get rich by doing something which you are not passionate about.

Ways To Get Rich

When you do something you are not passionate and emotional about, then your income stays the same or increases slightly with time.

Ways To Get Rich

“Do something which you love and see your income initially increase moderately and very rapidly later on with time”


John is an aspiring businessman. He is always in search of a business and generates a lot of ideas but can hardly stick to any one. Why is that?

As soon as John gets a new idea, he goes around talking about it with his friends, parents, neighbours, and everyone around him.

He tells them how profitable that business is and how it would make him very rich.

Few of them react positively but most of them tell him why this business would not work.

The same night in bed, John thinks about it and finally comes to a conclusion that this business idea is not as profitable as he thought.

A week later, he finds another profitable business venture and the same process repeats.

“It’s better to do your research and start the business rather than telling about it to every other person you know as most of the people will give you a thousand reasons why it will not work”


Kristy is a talented artist. She loves to paint and has a dream of selling her paintings in the exhibitions.

But there is a problem. She can hardly find much time lately to pursue her passion even though she is unemployed as of now.

So what’s keeping her so busy?

Kristy spends 5-6 hours every day watching videos on Youtube, then a couple of hours talking to her friends on the phone and a few hours hanging out.

By the time she comes back, she is dead tired and goes off to sleep.

The same thing is happening almost every day and she can’t find any time to pursue her dream.

She should be spending 70 hours a week pursuing her dreams, but she is hardly putting in 8-10 hours of effort.

“You will be rich and successful when you put in a lot of effort, every day 14-16 hours, without wasting any time. Time Is Money in today’s world”


Dominic works at the supermarket. His salary is stagnant but his expenses are rising fast. He meets his friend for dinner and starts to complain about his life.

He tells him how hard his life is, how low his salary is and how tough it is to survive in the modern world. Dominic then bitches about his boss who makes him slog all the time.

Instead of taking action to make his life better, like cutting back on unnecessary expenses and working harder and smarter to make more money, he keeps on complaining.

He later bids his friend goodbye and goes back home. What he doesn’t understand is that this type of behavior is extremely toxic for him and his friend as well.

When you complain all the time, you lose your positive mindset as well as the enthusiasm for life.

“Complaining won’t solve any problems but taking action will. Successful people work smartly to solve their problems rather than crying about them to their friends”


Rebekka is a kindergarten teacher. She loves children and enjoys teaching and spending time with them. She makes decent money but there is a problem.

Whatever she earns, she spends everything on her rent, food, clothes and other things she loves.

At the end of the month, her bank balance is close to NIL and she is desperately waiting for her next paycheck.

This cycle repeats again and again and her bank balance is always approaching zero. When the bad time comes, Rebekka is in big big trouble as she has no assets to bail her out.

Making your money work for you is one of the sure shot ways to get rich.

“Cut back on your expenses and invest in assets like stocks, mutual funds, real estate or a business. Your hard earned money will work and earn for you even when you sleep”