You have the entrepreneurial instincts and want to quit your job but something is holding you back.

Remember when you just started working and thought ” I will work for a few years, learn and gain some experience, accumulate some money and then on do my own thing “.

Time flew quickly and you were never able quit your job.

In short, you started to sell your time for some compensation making someone else rich.

Most of the aspiring entrepreneurs have the same fate.

Their plan is to gain experience and then start their own business but they continue to work for someone else.


Let’s accept the truth. Nobody likes to take orders from anyone.

Every time your boss screams at you or makes you work overtime without any extra pay or appreciation, your self-esteem takes a hit.

You wish you were your own boss.

Still, you feel stuck somewhere in the spot where you do not know what to do.

You want to quit your job but cannot do it.

Why? Because you have loans and bills to pay.

quit your job

You then do some maths and calculate that it will take you more than a year to setup and get your own thing going. Suppose, you earn $5000 a month.

Now let’s say it takes a year for you to start earning from your business.

In the meanwhile, you have lost $5000 X 12= $60000 and have to pay your monthly expenses from your savings as well.

You start thinking if your business is unsuccessful, you will lose a year and more than 60K dollars.

This thought precisely prevents most of the people from starting their dream business.

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If you really want to do a business, the one year and 60k dollars won’t matter to you and you will jump in right away.

Why? Because you are confident that there would be a time in the future where this bold step of yours will earn you 60k dollars in a month.

What if you do not want to quit your job?

You could possibly kick in by working extra hours after coming back home from work on your business project and start rolling the ball.

Work on weekends and put in all your extra time into your project.

Remember, if it’s damn important then you will find some way or the other.

And if you keep on delaying, then the truth is that you are fooling no one but your self.

Be courageous, take a bold stand and start working on your own business. The precious time wasted will never come back.