You want to get fit fast. Why?

Because a fit version of yourself will look and feel way much better compared to the unfit version.

Being fit makes you more confident and more social. Basically, when you look great, you feel great too.

“This feel good mindset has the capability to transform your life”

Every year, millions of people, take an oath on 1st January to work out and get fit. Only 5% of the people make it till February and 1% make it till December.

Only 5% of the people make it till February and 1% make it till December.

We all have been there at least once in our lives. So what should we do if we want to get fit fast?


A guy goes to the gym, gets a membership and starts working out. In the first week, he does everything as per the workout plan.

The first two days of the second week are fine, however, on the third day he looks at himself in the mirror and cannot see any results.

He starts doing all sorts of exercises he has seen on YouTube.

He goes all in and gets a shoulder injury and is out of the gym for a long time now.

When you are starting out with weights, calisthenics or any other workout, always start slowly and take one step at a time.

Listen to your body. When you are always sore and tired or injured, your body is asking you to slow down.

Let your joints, tendons, and ligaments get used to the exercises when the resistance is light.

This way they won’t give up and you will keep going on.

“Increase your workout load slowly week by week. This way you would make small progress consistently which would make a significant difference in six months”


You start working out and are over enthusiastic to get fit fast.

For someone who is trying to lose fat, changing your diet completely on Day 1 and going on a big caloric deficit is a pure recipe for disaster.

You will feel horrible from the inside, have mood swings, anger issues and may experience brain fog as well.

Your extreme hunger will make you grab something which is extremely tasty and full of calories.

In the first week of workout, just eat whatever you were eating before and let your body get a little used to working out.

In the second week, start reducing 100 calories per day provided you are trying to lose fat.

And from 3rd week onwards, create a caloric deficit of 200 calories.

“For people wanting to lose fat, reduction of calories slowly week by week is the best way rather than reducing all at once”


get fit fast

You know that junk food does you no good. Still, you eat it. Why?

Because it tastes like heaven!

In order to lose fat and have a fit body, you have to limit the intake of junk food.

All sorts of junk foods are full of calories probably 2-3 times the amount you need in that meal.

Junk food will be a big hurdle in achieving your fitness goals unless you limit its consumption significantly.

“You should have junk food once or maximum twice a week probably on your cheat day”


Whether your goal is to build muscle or lose fat, bodyweight exercises must be there in your routine.

The big 4 body weight exercises which work out almost every muscle in your body are:

  • Push Ups
  • Pull Ups
  • Squats
  • Leg Raises

All these bodyweight exercises can be done at home or park and do not require any gym membership.

These exercises require very less space and only one piece of equipment, the pull-up bar.

You can fix it on any door frame in your house and start doing pull-ups. It’s the cheapest and best fitness equipment ever.

pull ups

All 4 of these must be included in your workout plan because they increase your functional strength and are very effective in burning fat.

” Doing big 4 bodyweight exercises regularly will make you a strong, fat burning machine”

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Whether you are trying to gain muscle or lose fat, in both cases you need to watch your calorie intake.

First, find out your caloric maintenance level, that is the number of calories you need to consume every day so that your weight stays the same.

Find out your maintenance calories over here on

Increase or decrease your caloric intake by 200-300 calories if you are bulking or trying to lose fat respectively.

” You should consume your calories in such a way that you increase muscle mass with minimum fat gain OR decrease your body fat with minimum muscle loss”


You must take measurements of waist, hips etc. using a tape measure and check your weight on the weighing scale once a week.

Keep a log book or an excel sheet to track your progress.

This way you come to know how much progress you have made in the last week.

If your goal was to lose fat, and the measurements and weighing scale show an increase, then it’s a warning sign for you.

Equipment required:

  • Tape Measure
  • Weighing Scale

tape measure & weighing scale

“Taking measurements of your body and checking your weight once a week is a good way to stay on track and move ahead towards your goal”


Everywhere you can see nutritionists giving an advice of having 6-8 small meals a day.

In case you enjoy munching every two hours and have nothing else to do in life, this plan sounds perfectly fine.

For others, this meal plan is totally ridiculous.

3 big meals that are breakfast, lunch and dinner and one small evening snack before a workout is more than enough.

Suppose your daily caloric intake comes out to be 2500 calories, then your calories should be divided into meals like this:

  • Breakfast -750 calories
  • Lunch – 750 calories
  • Pre-workout Snack – 250 calories
  • Dinner – 750 calories

You should eat a balanced diet comprised of Carbs, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, And Minerals. All nutrients are essential for us.

“Having 3-4 Meals a day is a perfect solution whether you want to gain or lose weight. Just watch out the number of calories you are consuming”


Find a training partner whose goals are similar to yours.

On some days, you will be less motivated and would want to skip a workout session. On such days, your training partner will push you.

Same way, you will push your training partner the day he/she doesn’t feel like working out.

This way you both would not skip your workout sessions.

” A workout friend is an asset. He/she will always make sure that you do not miss your training session”


Checking Phone

In the era of televisions, laptops, smartphones, video games and other electronic devices, our sleeping patterns are getting affected big time.

It’s 2 A.M and you are sleeping. A friend comments on your Facebook status and you get a notification on your phone.

You wake up to check the comment and reply back. Now, you browse the feed on your facebook and the pictures which your friends and favourite celebrities have uploaded.

After that, you visit other social networking apps and watch a couple of videos on YouTube.

By the time you are finished, it’s 3:25 A.M. and you go back to sleep.

This kind of rupture in sleep patterns makes your hormones go haywire. Keep all your electronic devices on silent mode and get a proper sleep.

“A good deep uninterrupted sleep of 7-8 hours is a necessity. Your hormones will be well regulated and body would be stronger”


Men Or Women, we all are very busy with our education, work, family etc.

Our hectic schedules usually take a toll on our diets.

This is precisely why supplements were designed so that we keep on getting the essential nutrients which help to maintain, build and repair our bodies.

Supplements aren’t completely necessary, but they do help you get the required nutrients in a convenient way.

“Regular Workouts + Balanced Diets + Supplementation = Awesome Results”