Can You Exercise At Home To Lose Fat And Build Muscles?

We live in the era of fancy gyms and fitness centers which make us believe that we cannot transform our bodies without their help and our exercise at home plan will not benefit us at all.

However, this is completely false.

We can exercise at home to stay fit, lose the ugly body fat and build lean muscles.

Some of us do not like to go to the gym and want to workout at home but do not know where to begin.

We want to save our time going to the gym back and forth as well as money on the ridiculously expensive gym memberships 

The truth is that any man or woman can use their own body weight as resistance in order achieve their basic fitness goals.

So, let’s cut the story short.

You need 5 Basic Exercises to workout at home and get the best possible results:

  1. Push-Ups
  2. Pull-Ups
  3. Squats
  4. Leg Raises
  5. Burpees ( Cardio)

Sample Workout:

Day 1

3 Sets of Pushups – 1 X 15

3 Sets of Squats    – 1 X 25

1 Set of Burpees    – 1 X 50

   Day 2

   3  Sets of Pull Ups – 1 X 10

      3 Sets of Leg Raises – 1 X 15

     1 Set of Burpees     – 1 X 50

Day 3


Day 4

2 Sets of Pushups – 1 X 20

2 Sets of Squats    – 1 X 40

1 Set of Pull Ups – 1 X 20

1 Set of Burpees   – 1 X 50

Day 5

3 Sets of Squats – 1 X 30

3 Sets of Pull Ups – 1 X 10

1 Set of Burpees – 1 X 50

Day 6


Day 7

3 Sets of Pushups – 1 X 25

  3 Sets of Leg Raises – 1 X 30

1 Set of Burpees – 1 X 50


You can be creative and try as many types of combinations of these exercises.

Points To Be Kept In Mind:

# 1)  You should do the set of burpees at the end of your body weight strength program. This way you can perform the strength exercises without losing energy.

#2) Do the pushups, pull ups, squats, and leg raises to execute the best possible movement. Executing proper movements will help you avoid injuries.

#3) The number of repetitions can be increased as your strength increases.

#4) Except for the burpees, do the body weight exercises at a slower speed.

When you perform slow repetitions, you do not compromise on form and the time under tension is more which helps to develop strong muscles and tremendous strength.

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#5) Apart from this, you could always run in the park. Short sprints will help you develop explosive power and long jogs will help you increase your stamina.

#6) Any workout plan must be complimented with a good diet to achieve the best possible results.

You must make sure that your diet is 90 percent of the times clean.

If your goal is to lose weight, you should be in a caloric deficit and if it is to gain weight, you should be in a caloric surplus.

#7) The body weight strength exercises will help you burn fat, build lean muscles and develop functional strength.

Except for the Pull Up which requires a Pull-Up bar, you do not need any piece of equipment for this exercise at home routine.

Benefits Of Doing Bodyweight Exercise At Home:

#1) Pushups will build you a strong chest, shoulders, triceps, and core.

#2) Pull Ups will build your back and biceps.

#3) Squats will help you develop strong legs and core.

#4) Leg Raises will make your abs bigger and stronger.

#5) Burpees will help you shoot up your stamina levels.